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Booking venues for conferences and meetings isn't necessarily as easy a task as you might imagine. For even the most modest of meetings, there are often a number of ancillary issues to sort out before arrangements can be confirmed - what are the technical requirements for the meeting? How many people do you expect to attend? - and for larger events, such as conventions, product launches, or annual general meetings, these problems are magnified several times over. For these reasons, it can often be beneficial to engage the services of a dedicated venue finder team that can handle all of these issues, leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on the more important issues, not least the substantive content of your seminars or meetings.

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Let us put your imagination to good work for a minute or so. You are an important and extremely influential businessman who has little time for anything else which does not involve your company. Then you read in a newspaper or see on the internet about a very important event taking place in your town this weekend. Because you are an entrepreneur and see potential in every situation, you consider in taking full advantage of these circumstances as well. At the end of the day, your business is your top priority and you want to make the best of each situation. You go to the event as it represents a great opportunity for your company to shine. Furthermore, you enjoy every second of it. After you reach home, you think it would be a great idea to follow their example and create one such event for yourself where you will invite other powerful persons that are sure to invest in your enterprise. But then you remember that:

- you are not that good at marketing 
- your agenda is full of meetings. 

Therefore, there is virtually no time for you to do anything else besides work.

Still, you must find a solution. Here is where the Venue Finders interfere. The experience is a key factor in developing a business. Should you seek progress and want the best for your own business as well, consider in consulting with such specialists that will provide you with high-quality services. We, at the Jigsaw Conferences, are here to help you with that.

What is a Venue Finder?

In a nutshell, a Venue Finder is an expert whose studies and experience recommend him to any business person that wishes to be the best in the domain. What he does is investigate the market and select the perfect location and settings for a certain event. Whether you are a technological device manufacturer or sell gardening products, the specialist will fix any issue you might have. He is the perfect visionary. His knowledge and the way he uses it turns him into the most reliable professional out there.

What do they do?

The Venue Finders obtains the best prices per service and/or product available on the market. Because the owner has to pay a commission, the hotels or locations where the event is set to take place do not increase the prices. 

How to find the best of the best?

If you live in a city where there are many corporations, chances are there is a big number of Venue Finders as well. Whether you will choose to talk to another business person about this or check the internet for them, there are plenty of options for you. Luckily, Jigsaw Conferences is at your service, and we might offer you the most profitable one. 

What recommends us?

Have you been browsing the internet but could find no such specialist or were there only a few positive reviews on his abilities? Worry not, because we are here to book you the event venues in the United Kingdom at the most affordable prices. Do you need a place where you can throw a huge party or one where the biggest names in town can gather and discuss meaningful matters?
Then Jigsaw Conferences can provide you with an excellent service. No less than 98% of our clients were more than pleased to work with us, and their number is sure to increase. Because we like to step up the game, we can find the venue that fits your needs in a matter of hours since we have received your calls. Why is that?
We are a top brand with more than 25 years of experience, and a qualified staff made of experts dedicated to their profession. 

We offer you a free database of thousands of venues in the UK from which you can pick. From small meeting rooms to large halls, we have options for every budget, so money should not constitute a problem for you. 

What do we provide you with?

• Free registration and full access to our website
• The fastest and most efficient booking process
• Excellent savings- up to 35%
• Numerous fields and tags of which you can choose to offer us an overview of what you want
• Unrivalled services and a professional team that will help you save time and money
• A list of venues that fit your needs of which you can choose the most profitable one
• Customer service contact available at any time
• Numerous contacts in the industry which increase the rate of success in finding the perfect place
• Fully licensed business travel service for businessmen with all major airlines

What steps should you follow? 

There is a high possibility that you do not know much about a Vending Finder, or how to obtain the best services.
Fortunately, we are here to guide your steps and help you improve your business. All you have to do is follow the instructions we have listed below and in a few hours we will inform you that we have found the venue you have been looking for.

* Register on our webpage and benefit from our offers
* Enter our website at, sign in and fill in the form with the required information: event type, a number of days, location or room layout. It should not take you more than a minute to do so.
* Make sure all the data is correct in case we must contact you faster 

We will then contact the venue owners and discuss the pricing, settings and every other detail you can think of. During this period, we are here in case you have any additional inquiries and wish to consult with us. Your feedback after the end of the event is welcomed. 

Whether you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow, Jigsaw Conferences is everywhere. Even if you are the local business person and need a venue in a smaller city, you can still count on us that we will do our best to find the closest venue. Contact us by E-mail or give us a call and we will find a venue for you, whether you need one for 10 or 400 people.