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Our mission is your success


Jigsaw Conferences Ltd - International Venues is one of the worlds leading venue-finding agencies for finding venues in UK, Europe or Worldwide. Established in 2003 we know what we are doing. Whatever your Hotel, Venue, Event or Travel requirements, we offer a personal, professional and very friendly service which is totally FREE.
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

We believe that exceptional service is delivered through attention to the smallest of details

Proven leader in the meetings, corporate travel and events industry. We take the strain off our clients…allowing them to get on with their core business whilst we deliver inspirational events and meetings, efficiently managed travel and discounted room rates in hotels and venues around the world.

Let Jigsaw Conferences take the strain out of booking events, accommodation and travel

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

We can identify the key areas for potential cost savings and help you achieve them. We search and measure all possible savings that can be achieved and because of our global market knowledge, we can consolidate your global spend data on events to bespoke a program that runs in conjunction with your transient and air procurement.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

With huge buying power (over £60m), a database of over 85,000 venues, contacts across the industry and experienced staff we will save you time and money. By streamlining processes and reducing the number of suppliers, our clients are often able to generate—and provide validated reports of— 35% average savings on their overall travel, meetings and events spend.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

Our management information capabilities allow reporting on any detail of the booking process that is held within our database systems. This combined with our ability to add new fields delivers the flexibility to tailor the reporting process to the clients' requirements. Furthermore, the information can be presented numerically, graphically or even pictorially – any format that gives you the knowledge! Each of these reports can be broken down by a variety of criteria i.e. Dates, Suppliers, and Requester.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

Comprehensive and fully licensed business travel service for corporate and conference clients. We are ATOL Protected and offer excellent negotiated rates with all the major airlines. All personal preferences kept on file; i.e. dietary requirements, loyalty cards, etc. Group travel logistics, Airways Conference and Incentive Agency with 24 hour emergency helpline. We also offer Aircraft and Eurostar Charters Train travel bookings.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

Whether you are looking for somewhere to stay while travelling on a sporting event, business trip, attending a course or visiting an exhibition, our dedicated reservations team will be able to find somewhere within your location of choice, within your budget and with the amenities you require. We negotiated rates with all major hotel groups and independent chains Average savings of 35% (in 2019). Personal preferences kept on file: loyalty membership schemes, etc. 15 minute response time for all UK requests and allocations held at hotels during busy times.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences

Throughout the working day all JIGSAW staff carries out processes that require consistent efficient and measurable management in their delivery and ultimate results. Our promise to you is to provide a quality service that is "Fast, Efficient and most of all FREE". Jigsaw Conferences has established a loyal client base that relies on our speed and service standards, which bring clients, back, time and time again.

We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!

Our service is FREE of charge, we save you both time and money, this allows you to concentrate on the most important parts of your travel/event, the content and your delegates.
Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences


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FAQs Questions and Answers:

Q: What is Jigsaw Conferences' mission? A: Our mission is your success. We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships built on trust and high-quality service.

Q: What services does Jigsaw Conferences provide? A: Jigsaw Conferences provides venue finding, event management, corporate travel, and accommodation services worldwide. Our services are personal, professional, friendly, and free.

Q: How does Jigsaw Conferences help in cost savings? A: We identify key areas for potential cost savings, consolidate global spend data, streamline processes, and reduce the number of suppliers, often achieving 35% average savings on overall travel, meetings, and events spend.

Q: What kind of reporting capabilities does Jigsaw Conferences offer? A: Our management information capabilities allow detailed reporting on any aspect of the booking process, presented numerically, graphically, or pictorially, tailored to client requirements.

Q: What business travel services does Jigsaw Conferences offer? A: We offer ATOL-protected business travel services, negotiated rates with major airlines, group travel logistics, 24-hour emergency helpline, and specialized services like aircraft and Eurostar charters.

Q: How does Jigsaw Conferences ensure customer satisfaction? A: We maintain detailed personal preferences, offer quick response times, and ensure all amenities are in perfect order. Our loyal client base relies on our consistent, efficient, and measurable service standards.

Q: Are Jigsaw Conferences' services free? A: Yes, all our services are absolutely free of charge. We help clients save time and money by providing the best accommodation and travel deals without any cost.

Q: What makes Jigsaw Conferences a leader in the industry? A: Our global market knowledge, huge buying power, direct connections with top brands, and many years of experience make us a leader in the meetings, corporate travel, and events industry.

Q: How can clients contact Jigsaw Conferences? A: Clients can contact us by filling out the quick contact form on our website or calling our customer support team. They can provide specific requirements and get assistance in finding the best accommodation and travel solutions.

Q: How does Jigsaw Conferences handle last-minute bookings? A: Jigsaw Conferences has a proven track record of successfully handling last-minute bookings, ensuring clients get the necessary accommodations promptly.

Q: What feedback have customers provided about Jigsaw Conferences? A: Over 98% of customers are happy and satisfied with our services, often leaving positive reviews and referring friends, contributing to our growth and popularity.

Q: What kind of clients does Jigsaw Conferences serve? A: We serve a wide range of clients, including small businesses, contractors, interims, consultants, corporate travelers, and event organizers, providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.