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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a hotel company own Jigsaw Conferences?

No, the company is privately owned. It is important to note that there is no affiliation to any hotel company, and no biases as to where business is placed.

How much does the service cost?

Nothing. The service is free to all that use it. Jigsaw Conferences earns money from commissions paid by hotels in return for bookings

Can Jigsaw Conferences make bookings at any hotel?

Yes. Jigsaw can even make reservations at Guest Houses and B&B’s as there and guarantee a quality or service you would expect from these type of bookings. We rarely book these type of hotels but find them useful when we have to arrange accommodation brief that is very rare. 

How do clients pay for their accommodation?

Clients settle their own bills on departure in the same way as if they had made the reservation themselves.

Does Event Jigsaw make hotel bookings overseas?

Yes. Jigsaw has access to a wide range of discounted rates at over 30000 hotels overseas.

How does one book?

Bookings can be made by telephone, fax or e-mail. Often where Jigsaw is the official agent for an exhibition or event there will be a bespoke booking process to complete, which is user friendly and one of its kind.

Once a booking is made, can it be amended or cancelled?

Yes. However the cancellation policy of the hotel booked will be clearly marked on the client confirmation and during the booking process. If a cancellation is received after that time or a guest does not arrive, the hotel may charge for the first nights’ stay. But we will always try and fight your corner.

Are reservations guaranteed for late arrival?

Yes. At the time of booking Jigsaw will request credit card details from the client. These will not be debited, but will be used to guarantee the reservation in event of non-arrival or late cancellation.