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We offer bespoke programs to suit large to SME's corporate policies at no extra cost.

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We offer bespoke programs to suit large to SME’s corporate policies at no extra cost.

Bespoke technology driven travel management aligned with your policies at no extra cost.

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As a specialist corporate travel & hotel booking agency we provide high quality services to our clients and the business traveler. Our experience, size and technology means we are large enough to manage the most demanding multi-national organizations but small enough to provide a personalised service, taking great care in the way we both look after our clients and their employee(s).

We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!


We monitor industry rates daily - We won’t be beaten on price!


Specialists in providing travel information and booking services from airlines to making reservations with hotels and free venue finder service for meetings to conference venues. Jigsaw makes travel simple, stress-free and cost effective, allowing you to concentrate on your business travel plans. Corporate Travel is one of the leading sectors of the travel industry today. Business people are constantly flying around the country and indeed around the world to attend conferences, meetings, PR events, training courses, team building events, annual general meetings, seminars, exhibitions, corporate hospitality events, product launches, award ceremonies, and so on. Other areas that Jigsaw has added to their list as demand has increased over the years are Dubai, China and India. More and more people are travelling to these destinations for business purposes. Jigsaw offers cheap flights to Dubai, (United Arab Emirates) and expert hotel reservations bookings team that can also handle all your ground transfers.

Travelling with trust of JIGSAW CONFERENCES

Business Trip is travel done for the purpose of business or official trip. It could be done . Business travelling companion are sometimes high officials of company I.e owners or sometimes they are employee 

Wheever you are in need to travel .Always consider Jigsaw conference .they are like one stop for almost all your needs for travelling in business in UK. They will offer you .they are giving you high quality services right on time and within your range. They claim to give you quality at competitive prices. So next time you should consider Jigsaw for travelling in business class. 

We may need to travel to explore new markets. Getting knowledge of new markets. It could be done to expand business. Making new deals . Though we are in digital era but some companies and business required face to face meeting and sign ceremony . Business merges requires introductory meeting among both side of company .seminars ,workshop and training of employee also requires you business travels. 

Ways to travel:

Business travels may be within a country. A business travel within a country will be low cost as it is sometime one day trip. This one day trip will save your travelling cost as well as living cost . If travelling distance is small then you can save eating expenses as well. 

Beside Road trips one can go through trains. Trains like airplanes have special compartments for Businessman. Such trains has sockets to connect electric devices, special food, more comfortable seats, separate area for every passengers. 

Beside trains inter country trip are also done on aero planes. Such plans also offers special seating for passengers. Domestic flights also offer special discount their regular clients. Beside domestic flight international flights also have special and state of the art sitting arrangements and facilities for business class seats. 

In business class ,special cabins are provided to each passenger . Cradle seat are also introduced by airline companies to give movement of seat . like beds one can make their seats .Special and different menu is offered to people travelling on business class. Variety of food is offered to every passenger on plane.some airlines like Singapore airlines offers on request meal . 

Many planes may give special name to its business class seats.British Airway name it as Club world.Air france named its business class seats as affaires. Bangkok Airway named it as Blue ribbon class.Air India call them executive class. 

Traveling in business class is no doubt a luxury. We also know luxurious are costly. The cost meant it . International world class business class trips. Ticket cost $2500 from US/Canada to Europe. If you are travelling from USA to Australia you will have to pay $ can double check through websites of required companies for discounts and offers. 

You can book your tickets through travel agents . Booking tickets through travel agent has its pros and corns. Lets discuss each in bit detail .

Today comparing and booking seats is not an issue . Everyone has plenty of resources to check availability, price and discounts . is website which will guide ,book and advice about your next visit. One travel is another website which offers booking facilities. These websites are specialized in informing you best of the best air service with lowest price. Here you can also decide about placement of seats. Cheap on air another website which is ready to serve you . 

Beside these online services you can visit your local travel agents. Before deciding on anyone I will suggest to compare all . When once you are satisfied with you may use it in future as well. Still compare prices and discounts through internet from airlines websites. 

On their website you have list of different events . Have look and then you will come to know what attraction your destination for you. Jigsaw also offers visa services.

If you are planning to travel next day Jigsaw conference will be their to serve . they will provide you service at even eleventh hour. Try us and we give guarantee that we will be one of the you best choice for rest of business trips. 

When you call and deal with Jigsaw conference you leave your headache to them. They will then arrange everything for you . they are already doing something beneficial for you as they have selected top hotels around the clock. Their experts are ready to serve you around the clock . In middle of peaceful night you just remember that something is missing in your travel. Just give them a call ,JIGSAW conference provides you with special emergency number. 

We can connect to this company through filling a form available on their website. Afterward they will contact us .Their form is also very charming as we can select our range before booking anything. So everything will be under budget. 

Business travel tips 

Be smart while packing . Business travelling needs formal suits . Press is another issue . Be smart . Go For mix and match style. Obviously you want to have dashing dressing but packing and handling will also hassle. So try such clothes of neutral colors. 

Always select luggage which is easy to carry and move. Trolley bags are hot favorite but select such trolley bags which are easy to move. I suggest you to select bright and different color for luggage to easily identify your bag. After all you should give stunning impression.

While travelling always keep margin of time. If you have meeting at 10:00 am try to reach a day before . Always expect traffic delay and other casual delays. Always try to give yourself plenty of time to get rest and fresh up before main appointment. 

Always keep empty plastic bags with you to place dirty clothes with you. Don’t keep too many kits 

as your hotel will defiantly provide them. Be careful to stock your medicines. Double check your cords .Keep an extra charged battery of your mobile phones. 

Time of compromises is over now. We at Jigsaw conference is ready to give you confidence of helding build locally. We are connected with high international partner so to give you quality according to locality. So you will enjoy home town style everywhere. By working with Jigsaw , we assure you best travelling g experiences across the world . they will provide you service 24/7 . 

If you are frequent business traveler then you should get insurance. No no don’t think that your life is on stake. But your money or your valuables are defiantly on risk. Yes missing travelling bags are common. Those bags may contain your valuable belonging obviously you are on your business trip so you have world class accessories as well . 

Consider a situation you are going to have your dream deal. Some hours before flight you came to know you flights are cancelled or drop. Next flight is also on chance and you have to pay more then previous payment fine but why you pay you can have your insurance money for this purpose too. Such insurance companies also cover accidental and legal issues.  

Away from may make you miss your family and comfort available . A good hotel can compensate that need. To make that living experience best select right hotel. When you visit one place always explore surroundings . Always target your hotel next time you visit them. When planning a business trip always compare your hotels . Obviously you can compare through their website but we suggest you to check review from their social network media. Never compromise over comfort while travelling for longer time. We suggest you to select from chain of hotels . as there is name is guarantee of their quality

To your surprise Jigsaw will arrange everything you need. They will also book hotel for you . just give them order in hotels they will arrange seminars , meetings and exhibitions on your behalf . you have just to come and do your work . Business trips are never so easy . you can call them as well to book a venue for you. You book historic hotels i.e Marriott. 

They provide you hotels booking in Istanbul . Istanbul is one best choice for business deals these days. Jigsaw conference offers best of the best hotels in Istanbul . According to Jigsaw conference ,they can arrange one of the best room from available 9000 rooms in Istanbul. They can arrange special purpose built meeting rooms . 

This company has large bank of trusting client. There client list contain some of the top business of the world. SASP ,IATA, HBAA and asap are some of prominent figures who trust Jigsaw conferences. You can have your booking through your phones app store as well as through google play store. We may call Jigsaw conferencing a event management company across the globe. But events here are of business and professional types. 

This company is not only travelling company but also business assistant to work with investments in stock exchange. They have keen interest of . If you have availed their business and their business partner . they are ready to serve you with your business travelling without any extra cost. They consider themselves as specialist in travel and hotel bookings. They offer versatile services. They budget ranges from personal needs to catering large multinational organizations. Their travel range starts from 100 POUNDS to 2.5M. So with these figures I can conclude that this is one stop for every type of businessmen. 

Let`s see what big business has to say about Jigsaw . First one the list is HBAA . HBAA introduce Jigsaw as one of the leading companies who are expert in hotel and conference arrangements across the globe. HBAA is one of the leading companies so any one working for them has something extraordinary in it . According to HBAA, Jigsaw Company has power to deliver over any other company. Working in the center of LONDON this company is surprisingly comfort zones for frequent business travellers. So HBAA is giving you guarantee of their specialization .

Here we will tell you about how to to book . At its main page you will find a form which is very simple. Book you event their. Their representative will call you ,their you can select your your budget. Here we want to mention that bo compromise is made on quality. After you hit find me venue button a representative will call you . Jigsaw will offer unique facility of any time emergency call to assigned represented of Jigsaw conference. 

This company as another achievement attached with its name and that is award from British assessment bureau ISO 9001. 

After all these lines I MUST say that your business appointments and travel is no more an issue . If you are sick tired of experiencing new travel agency everytime then this is the last try. Now is the time to visit your own venue as a guest. No Hassle no shout no last time stokes no comparing . The great jigsaw company is doing this for you . Last but not least ,fill the form and visit them to discuss all your concerns . Never hesitate to discuss your original requirements. Discuss all of your bad experiences all of your issues and requirement and then just see the magic of JIGSAW conferences.