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Trafalgar Square 15 million international visitors each year.

Trafalgar Square Venues London For Meeting Rooms, Conferences and Venue Event Hire

Trafalgar Square venues lie in the postcode WC2N; a location visited by more than 15 million international visitors each year.

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This fabulous area hosts a multitude of famous sights including Nelson's Column and the magnificent lions. It is a short step from venues in Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster with the world-famous Big Ben marking off the hours with his instantly recognisable chimes. Should you be lucky enough to visit Trafalgar Square at Christmas time you will be able to marvel over the gorgeous Christmas tree, donated every year by the country of Norway, in gratitude for liberation from the Nazis in World War Two. Trafalgar Square venues are innumerable, a wealth of treasures have been squeezed into a relatively small area. Other features to look out for include Trafalgar Square's National Gallery. The beautiful frontage has long made Trafalgar Square one of the most instantly recognisable venues in the world.

Venues in Trafalgar Square include a multitude of eateries and pubs, each uniquely individual, but adding overall to the feeling of London, a pace and heartbeat that imbues all who visit this wonderful, frenetic area. Trafalgar Square used to be World famous for its immense flocks of pigeons, which would land around and on top of visitors, greedy for crumbs and treats. However, recent health and safety worries have led to the pigeons being discouraged and the 'cure' is slowly becoming a popular attraction in its own right. A hawk and its handler can be seen in the Square on most days, scaring away the pigeons and entertaining the visitors with flying and obedience displays.

Trafalgar Square venues are arguably the busiest and most visited area of bustling London; the thriving venue is sure to open the eyes of the uninitiated into the full breadth of multicultural London.