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The Story of #Eventprofs

The Story of #Eventprofs

In case you share posts on social networking and read the rest of this website, you likely used the hashtag #eventprofs. How did it start? Where's it going?

We refer to them as an event professionals whenever we refer to somebody working in the event business. It's that perfect term that combines all of it together. Wedding planners, providers, event planners, production specialists, caterers. They're all event professionals. In the event that you're on social networking, you'd know that #eventprofs is the hashtag to locate a few of the best content on our cherished business.

You will find their handle #eventprofs or folks calling their company. They attempt to influence on the power of the neighborhood that started many years back. This can be what it really is - A community Lara McCulloch started...

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Back in the days of February of 2009, there were a loads of social media enthusiasts who would meet up, connected and congregated via Twitter. All of them shared a similar desire to experiment with the new tools and technologies (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Wikis, etc) and understand how they’d apply to the events world. Since all of them were using Twitter, it seemed only normal to bring consistency to conversations they were already conversing to online.

Once the decision was made, it was a pretty rapid stages of events from that point forward.  Lara McCulloch came up with the name #eventprofs, which was a short-form for event professionals.

The ultimate goal was to use this forum to allow event professionals to connect, ask questions, provide advice and, ultimately, help our industry and our businesses grow.

A little-known fact is that they were the 2nd community, in history, on Twitter. Conversations would regularly be a trending topic on Twitter, which got the attention of Tim O’Reilly who wrote about #eventprofs in his ‘The Twitter Book’.

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