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Landmark London’s East Meets West Event


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Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
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It was a pleasure to attend Landmark London’s East Meets West event last Friday where the hotel unveiled their newly refurbished Grand Ballroom and Ballroom. A big thank you to the Andrew Batchelor (General Manager) for extending the invitation to Jigsaw Conferences. It was a great pleasure to both catch up with Julia Mastrogiannaki as well as meet other members Landmark Team – Michael Blin and Diego Libbrecht.

Lolita Jobson (Conference Executive) comments;

Astonishingly cozy to get a conference venue (5 star hotel), a distinctive experience starts for the visitor in the entry of the resort when they fall upon the porte cochere. Guests are drawn by the cantilevered trellis up the entry ramp terminating upon coming in entrance bay. The raising of the entry additionally highlights the environment of the resort.

Inside, the foyer core becomes the gathering place where guests can quickly reach the registration desk, lounges and meeting spaces and is a characteristic point of the resort. The resort emphasizes its surroundings by orienting guests to the center space with breathtaking views. The luxury resort combines as well as a gymnasium and splendor and classic British elegance together.

Find a venue near me - Jigsaw Conferences
Amo Singh

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The Landmark Hotel London

History: The Landmark London is a 5 star resort on Marylebone Road on the north side of central London, England in the borough of London named the City of Westminster. The Great Central Railway initially started it, as The Hotel Great Central. The resort was initially one of the Victorian era railroad track resorts, The Hotel Great Central in London. Sir Ed Watkin of the Great Central Railway who imagined Marylebone station, which the resort was to serve, as the heart of a global railway which will run via a channel tunnel first suggested it. Sir Edward's aspirations proved to be overambitious, and the site of the resort was sold to Sir Dzhon Blandell Maple of the furniture business Maples, who started his resort in 1899, following the Great Central ran into financial problems.

Marylebone station is certainly one of the tiniest of the London termini that are central, but its resort was among the grandest of the London railway resorts. It'd a clock tower and was constructed around a big central courtyard. There were two principal entrances, one on the north side facing the other as well as the station on the south side towards the Marylebone Road. The architect was Colonel Sir Robert William Edis as well as the design was opulent and diverse. The Ladies Alpine Club held its annual dinner there and leased rooms in the resort.