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Streamlining the Decanting Process in Housing Associations: A Case Study

Decanting, a crucial phase in housing associations involves temporary relocation and coordination to facilitate smooth transitions. Effective communication and well-planned procedures play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless decanting process. This article presents a case study on how Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, a prominent provider of housing solutions, leveraged its expertise to streamline decanting procedures using innovative approaches. By implementing temporary relocation strategies, efficient communication channels, and meticulous planning and coordination, Jigsaw successfully transformed the decanting experience for housing associations. This case study is inspired by the article "How Do UK Social Housing Crisis Teams Deal with Emergency Decants?" published by Jigsaw Conferences Ltd.

Decanting Process in Housing Associations :
In the realm of housing associations, the decanting process holds significant importance. It involves relocating tenants from their current accommodations to temporary housing while necessary repairs, renovations, or redevelopments are carried out. The decanting process must be meticulously planned to minimize disruptions and ensure the well-being of tenants throughout the transition.

Temporary Relocation during Decanting :
Temporary relocation is a crucial component of the decanting process in housing associations. Jigsaw Conferences Ltd. recognized the significance of providing comfortable and suitable temporary housing options for tenants during the decanting period. By partnering with local accommodations and leveraging their extensive network, Jigsaw offered temporary relocation solutions tailored to the unique needs of each housing association. This ensured that tenants experienced minimal inconveniences and maintained a sense of stability during the transition.

Smooth Decanting Procedures for Housing Associations :
To facilitate a smooth decanting process, Jigsaw implemented meticulous procedures that focused on minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. By conducting thorough assessments of each housing association's requirements, Jigsaw developed customized decanting plans. These plans addressed logistics, timing, and resources, ensuring a seamless transition for tenants and minimizing the impact on their daily lives. Jigsaw's attention to detail and commitment to executing precise procedures created an environment of trust and confidence among housing associations and their tenants.

Effective Communication during the Decanting Phase :
Effective communication is paramount during the decanting phase to keep tenants informed, address concerns promptly, and ensure a transparent process. Jigsaw understood the significance of maintaining open lines of communication and implemented comprehensive communication channels. This included regular updates, dedicated helplines, and clear information regarding the decanting process. By fostering a culture of transparency and proactive communication, Jigsaw empowered tenants to voice their concerns and provided timely resolutions, further enhancing the overall decanting experience.

Planning and Coordination of Decanting in Housing Associations :
The planning and coordination of the decanting process are key to its success. Jigsaw excelled in this aspect by leveraging its expertise in project management and event planning. Through meticulous planning and coordination, Jigsaw synchronized various stakeholders, including housing associations, contractors, temporary housing providers, and tenants. This collaborative approach ensured that all parties were aligned, resources were optimized, and potential bottlenecks were addressed proactively. Jigsaw's meticulous planning and coordination capabilities played a pivotal role in delivering successful decanting projects for housing associations.

Incorporating Insights from "How Do UK Social Housing Crisis Teams Deal with Emergency Decants?"

Drawing insights from the article "How Do UK Social Housing Crisis Teams Deal with Emergency Decants?" published by Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, we find further validation for Jigsaw's approach to streamlining the decanting process. The article sheds light on the challenges faced by crisis teams in handling emergency decants in social housing. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication, well-defined procedures, and collaboration among stakeholders. Jigsaw's case study aligns with these insights, showcasing their expertise in addressing these challenges and providing effective solutions for housing associations.


Jigsaw Conferences Ltd's case study exemplifies how effective decanting in housing associations can be achieved through a combination of temporary relocation strategies, smooth procedures, effective communication, and meticulous planning and coordination. By streamlining the decanting process, Jigsaw not only mitigated disruptions but also prioritized the well-being and satisfaction of tenants. Their expertise and innovative approach have set new benchmarks for the industry, fostering a positive impact on the housing association sector as a whole.

To learn more about Jigsaw's successful case studies and their expertise in decanting processes, please visit their website at Social Housing Decant Case Study For additional insights on how UK social housing crisis teams handle emergency decants, refer to the article "How Do UK Social Housing Crisis Teams Deal with Emergency Decants?" available at How Do Housing Associations Deal with Tenant Decants

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