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Revolutionizing Venue Discovery, Business Travel, and Corporate Accommodation with AI and Web3 Technology


Could your next venue selection be guided by an AI assistant? The latest advancements in AI and Web3 technology now empower algorithms to evaluate event spaces and accommodation options (e.g., through virtual tours) and estimate their suitability with remarkable accuracy. But how mature is this technology in the realm of event planning and corporate travel?

Visual assessments play a pivotal role in the industry of venue selection and corporate accommodations. Undoubtedly, data-driven factors such as floor plans, comparable pricing, and nearby amenities hold substantial significance. However, the value of an in-person visit remains unparalleled.

An experienced planner can perceive intricacies that might escape the average eye – the architectural nuances, local attractions, transportation accessibility, and the ambiance of the surroundings – offering indispensable, on-site insights into the suitability of a venue. In 2023, though, visual AI is progressively becoming proficient in emulating these cues on a grander scale.

For instance, a leading research lab employed deep learning techniques to train an AI model using images of thousands of event spaces and corporate accommodations across various cities. This model effectively linked visual features with event success rates and guest satisfaction. When the dataset expanded to include millions of publicly available images from event websites, social media platforms, and travel websites, the AI could proficiently predict the ambiance, crowd engagement, and convenience factors associated with different venues.

The next frontier is poised to integrate AI-powered assistants into the vast repository of images accessible through event planning platforms and social media networks. This would empower them to analyze interior designs, technological amenities, and spatial layouts when assisting in the selection and valuation of event spaces and corporate lodgings.

Katie Richardson (Operations Director) at Jigsaw adds "We envision AI as a valuable augmentation to human expertise, not a replacement. The copious volumes of data generated in the age of digital transformation can now be harnessed and interpreted by AI to yield profound insights that shape the future of event planning and corporate accommodation."


In summary, Amo Singh, the IT Governance Director at Jigsaw the convergence of AI and Web3 technology is poised to revolutionize how venues are discovered, business travel is facilitated, and corporate accommodations are selected. While AI-powered assistants can analyze and predict various aspects, the human touch in the event planning and travel industry remains irreplaceable.

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