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How Do UK Social Housing Crisis Teams Deal with Emergency Decants?

When disasters happen, a leading Social Housing Supplier should deploy an catastrophe response (CATS) teams to decant tenants

When disasters happen, a leading Social Housing Supplier should deploy an on-the-ground catastrophe response (CATS) teams to decant tenants. Providing a free emergency housing solution for a leading Social Housing Catastrophe Response (CAT) Teams is the answer.

After a few years since Grenfell Towers and massive wins for Social Housing players namely like Urban Splash and architects Proctor & Matthews is poised to land what’s likely to become the UK’s largest modular housing scheme this century for Homes England, when disasters occur for portfolios of purpose-built social housing accommodation comprising, the regularity and data for decanting tenants in emergencies to date are not computerized or streamlined.

Delivering a stellar customer service experience is what tenants crave and deserve. Providing a personalised experience that has the right amount of automation and human interaction to foster safety and care is due to all social housing tenants.

When disaster strikes, the immediate deployment of resources is critical. Policyholders are displaced, adjusters are deployed, and financial & human resources are challenged. These fluid situations call for a 24/7 365 presence. A development including 100 percent affordable housing and a new hotel has been approved by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan – after he intervened to more than triple the number of genuinely affordable homes, this suggests that as more and more social housing is on the rise a need for a remit to support CAT teams is required more than ever to avoid disasters like Grenfell Towers.

When More than the Storm is on the move and when the whole world is watching, allowing Jigsaw to magnify your response. In times of disaster, experience has no equal. JIGSAW's Social Housing Emergency (CAT) Support ’ seasoned CAT Decant Housing Team moves into action within hours to meet the demands of the affected area with a scalable disaster response model that rapidly expands capacity. There “Knowledge” approach enables an accurate, first-hand perspective of the event.

In chaotic situations, the limited available properties and hotel rooms go to those on-site and ready to act.

Currently, there is no process in place for decanting tenants which are set in stone for most Social Housing CAT teams, it is up to each individual site manager to organize this themselves. After speaking with different Site managers suppliers their initial aim was to try and move them into hotels, however, they are usually full with site managers inexperienced in such bookings or have zero buying power for discounts 24/7 around the clock, so this isn't an option and not good practice.

What is highly recommended is to use a model the Insurance sector use in emergencies to decant tenants securely and safely using JIGSAW's Catastrophe Response Teams (CAT) support – Use Free Alternative Accommodation Services 24/7 by Venue Finder Jigsaw Conferences Ltd. By offering a forward-thinking emergency housing solution that includes simplified invoicing, a consolidated leasing process and more suitable housing accommodations, they can help save a significant amount of time, money and resources.

Flood, fire, subsidence or a multitude of other such occurrences may require temporarily transfer (people) to another place. They provide alternative accommodation and relocation services immediately 24/7 365 days a year, with the minimum of stress upheaval.

Jigsaw’s network of national lettings and hotels, serviced apartment providers and other accommodation suppliers can offer a free bill back service. As a result, most Housing Associations experience a savings of more than 15,000 GBP annually in taxes and reduced daily accommodation rates by approximately 12/day GBP for each apartment or hotel.


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FAQ - Questions and Answers:

Q: How do UK social housing crisis teams handle emergency decants? A: UK social housing crisis teams, often referred to as Catastrophe Response Teams (CATS), are deployed immediately when disasters occur. These teams provide emergency housing solutions, decanting tenants to safe accommodations and ensuring their well-being during crises.

Q: What are the key components of an effective emergency housing solution for social housing? A: An effective emergency housing solution includes immediate deployment of resources, 24/7 availability, a personalized customer service experience, and a combination of automation and human interaction to foster safety and care. It also involves simplified invoicing, a consolidated leasing process, and suitable housing accommodations.

Q: Why is a personalized customer service experience important during emergency decants? A: A personalized customer service experience is important because it addresses the specific needs of tenants, fostering a sense of safety and care. This approach combines automation with human interaction, ensuring that tenants receive the support they crave and deserve during stressful times.

Q: What challenges do social housing crisis teams face during emergency decants? A: Challenges include limited availability of properties and hotel rooms, lack of a standardized process for decanting tenants, and the need for site managers to organize accommodations themselves, often without the necessary experience or buying power for discounts.

Q: How can Jigsaw Conferences Ltd help with emergency housing solutions? A: Jigsaw Conferences Ltd provides forward-thinking emergency housing solutions, including simplified invoicing, consolidated leasing processes, and suitable housing accommodations. Their Social Housing Emergency (CAT) Support teams offer alternative accommodation services 24/7, helping to save time, money, and resources.

Q: What benefits do Jigsaw's emergency housing solutions offer? A: Jigsaw's solutions offer several benefits, including major cost savings, improved operating efficiencies through centralization, enhanced associate productivity, and improved access to critical information. Housing associations can save more than 15,000 GBP annually in taxes and reduce daily accommodation rates by approximately 12 GBP per apartment or hotel.

Q: How does Jigsaw's approach align with the needs of social housing crisis teams? A: Jigsaw's approach aligns with the needs of social housing crisis teams by providing scalable disaster response models that rapidly expand capacity, offering a network of national lettings and hotels, and ensuring that suitable accommodations are available immediately with minimal stress and upheaval for tenants.

Q: What is the recommended model for decanting tenants in emergencies? A: The recommended model is to use a process similar to that used by the insurance sector, where Jigsaw's Catastrophe Response Teams (CAT) support the secure and safe decanting of tenants. This includes using free alternative accommodation services provided by Venue Finder Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, ensuring efficient and effective tenant relocation.