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When you are looking to put a conference together there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. One of those rules that need to foremost in your mind is whether or not the conference is going to be successful. Having the right subject matter will certainly help, but in a day and age when there seems to be a different conference every other week having the right conference centre is key.

Now want to put together well attended event you need to think outside the box when it comes to location. This doesn't mean you need to have the event on the mouth of a volcano but finding a conference centre that is in a location where your attendees may not have travelled often will help lure them in. Above all, people want to go somewhere they may not go on their own.


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From International Venues to Small Meeting Rooms, we'll find a suitable venue for you. Options for every budget, so try us now. Backed up with over 25 year’s experience, we have the power to deliver all your requirements.

When planning a business conference, there are different Business Conference Venues or Centres to choose for the event. Whether you are having a seminar for new employees, want to do a job fair to hire new employees, or are hosting a public awareness event for the general public, there are different venues to choose for the festivities.

Knowing which hosting company to turn to, in order to set up your event, and ensure it is a success, is something that any business owner has to consider when they are putting up an event. When you turn to the right conference planners, not only will they help in selecting the ideal Business Conference Venues, but they will also put together the perfect event for your business needs.

Regardless of how many people are going to be in attendance, what type of business event you are hosting, or where you want to host it, there are many great business venues to turn to for your event.

Looking For The Best Conference Venues London? We’ve Got The Solution

Finding a perfect conference venue London ought not to be stressful. Why? Jigsaw Conferences is your reliable professional partners who are highly dedicated to make your event a success. With over 25 years of experience in international venues specialty, we have the power to deliver tailor made service that meets your requirements.

Our established strong relationships with great venues enables us access fantastic conference centres in the most serene environment ever. Our competence in international venues increases our buying power enabling us to negotiate the cheapest rates possible for you. We see to it that you save a substantial amount on every event. 

How would you like your event to be?

Everyone looks forward towards having a perfect, successful and memorable event? With the right support from Jigsaw conferences, the top London conference venue finder, you are guaranteed of a superb conference room and event. 

Which event are you planning?

We have the capacity to handle even the most complex conference venue requirements. We offer venues central London for a small group as well as a big local or international conference all for free. We help plan for event types like; conferences, exhibitions, meetings, corporate parties, reception, dinner, lunch and many more.

To bring your event in style, we offer flexibility at its best by providing a variety of boardroom styles for our clients to choose the most suitable. For instance you can choose to have; theatre style, U-shape, classroom style, boardroom style, dinner style, cabaret style and many others. Just in case you are not sure which method is best for you, we giver proper guidelines depending on the size and nature of your event. 

Booking process made easy

It takes you only a minute or so to have your events requirements sorted out. All you need to do is to give us a call through our 24 hours support staff and place your query. One of our venue professionals will be assigned to work on your inquiry and help source the best London conferences venues for hire that meets your ideal requirements.

You can also fill and submit the online form available on our website. Tell us about your event type, preferred venue/location, days required, number of rooms required, boardroom style, your budget, other event details and whether or not you need accommodation facilities. Leave your contact details so that we can get back to you as soon as we can. We keep you updated on the progress from start to end. We know all what is needed for a successful event so you don’t have to think about it. Leave the job for us as you concentrate on other important event details. 

To keep you and your team in tune with the fast growing technology, we find venues equipped with all the necessary event requirements tools and equipment. For instance; large and often several screens depending on the size of the room and the number in attendance so everyone can see. Hi spec, modern LCD projectors, microphones, sound systems, staging and lecterns, high speed broadband, multi media screens, onsite cloakrooms, and unbroken site lines are among the trending technology needed in all events. Support team is always on board to help in case of any technical hitches. 

We mind about the comfort of the delegates in attendance. To make this a reality, we make sure that you find a venue that has on time delegate registration to enhance proper order and good management of the event. We also ensure that there are comfortable all day chairs and of course flexible room set ups to ensure that you stay comfortable and in your own style. Our London conference venues also provide a wide range of delegate stationery, flip-charts and pens as well as a safe and clean storage space for all your materials.

To enhance your strength and concentration all day, you are provided with endless tea and snacks. You can take at your own pleasure or during the break time. Our in flexible catering team ever ready to serve and offer any support needed. 

We work on your budget

Once you discuss your budget with us, we see to it that we source the most convenient high quality conference centre that suits your financial plan. We negotiate the cheapest price you cannot find anywhere else. 

Find unique upcoming conference venues UK

Our team is working round the clock to add new upcoming London conference venues for hire to our list. Amazingly, we are able to source very superb conference centres including large conference venues London not known to any of our competitors or public. 

Due to our continued trade and consistency in international venue industry, we have experienced a vast growth in terms of clientele and great connections with the leading event providers in UK. Our popularity is therefore growing every single day due to our remarkable efficiency and effectiveness in venue industry. 

Contact us for last-minute booking

We are given top priority every time we source for an event and this enables us to find a real-time event for last minute booking. Though we advise our customers to place their booking on time to give us ample time to source the best conference centre, we also understand the fact that different firms may organize urgent meetings to handle pressing issues on hand. We are here to help in such incidences and ensure we get everything in place and have the event ready before delegates’ arrival. 

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Definitely yes! Then, what are you waiting for? Call us now or send us an email then relax and let us do the rest for you. You can also see our customer reviews and find out the experiences of our preceding customers. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect once you engage us as the London conference venue finder of your choice. 

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